Tuesday 2 December Update:


Water Bubblers & Taps on Golf Course and Bowling Greens

Tura Beach Country Club provides water bubblers at various locations on the Clubs Golf Course and Bowling Green areas. During Covid period, Members and Visitors are encouraged to BYO water and or purchase Water Bottles from the Clubs Pro Shop or Clubhouse for hydrating whilst utilising course and greens facilities.

Water fountains/bubblers should only be used to refill personal water bottles.

Please Sanitize your hands prior to and after use. Allow the water to run for a few seconds.

Do not allow the water bottle to contact the water fountain head or bubbler.

Friday 13 November Update:

Dear Golfing Members

The Board of Management is pleased to advise Members that Mr Brad Foster has been employed as the Club’s NEW COURSE SUPERINTENDENT.

Brad will be joining the team from mid to late December 2020 and brings to the Club a wealth of knowledge.

Brad has achieved a progressive career in prestigious golf clubs including America,

We look forward to joining our team here at Tura Beach Country Club.

Wednesday 7 October:

Dear Golfing Members

Please be advised that the gate at the entrance to course will be locked on these dates until further notice:

  • 3pm Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.
  • Tuesday from 12:30pm.
  • Saturday from 9:30am.
  • Sunday locked all day.

Members who use that road as an entrance for their carts can drive down via the 5th to gain access to the course.


The Club has installed a defibrillator at the fuel shed site at the Course Greens Shed for use in emergencies One of the benefits of having defibrillators in a central and/or public location is that they can be accessed and used even by someone with no medical training.

The defibrillator using step-by-step voice commands will guide you through the process of treating a victim of suspected sudden cardiac arrest.

Please familiarise yourself with the location or see one of the Club’s friendly staff for assistance with location or by calling the Club on 64959002

defribrillator at tura beach country club golf course

UPDATE: Monday 24 August 2020

The Board of Director’s and General Manager wish to advise Club Members that the Course Superintendent Aaron Miller after 12 years in the position has resigned effective from the end of the month. We wish him well in any future endeavours he undertakes.

In the interim Dave Nash will undertake the duties of Course Superintendent.

Club Management

July 2020


Frequently asked Questions:

Can two players both ride in the same golf cart?

Yes. With the State Government’s reintroduction of community sport for adults and children (including contact sport) from July 1, players can share golf carts. Clubs may consider recommending that one player be responsible for the driving duties for the entire round and that the passenger remain on the passenger’s side of the cart.

Can we play golf in groups of four?

Yes. Under current outdoor gathering limits, the play of golf in groups of four is allowed. While additional care needs to be taken to maintain social distancing, golf is also permissible in groups of greater than four and up to twenty, should this be required. For

For specific information from Clubs NSW, please click here.