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Welcome to the Tura Beach Country Club’s Men’s Golf Club web pages.

Each week on these pages, we will be reporting the results and happenings, social and competitive from on and off the Golf Course. It is a good way to stay in touch with Tura Beach Men’s Golf from wherever you are.

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On Saturdays there has been little change to the regular program with around the same number of each type of event and one white tee event per month. As for Major events, there have been a few changes:
The Open and associated Week of Golf events are returning to the 3rd week of May;
The Championships will be held the last weekend of April, 1st weekend of May;
Closing dates for the Match Play events will be 11th Feb (Singles) and 25th Feb (Fourball) and deadlines will be more strictly managed this year; and
There will be no Mixed Keno Fourball in 2017 while the Committee has not yet decided on the playing of the Men’s Keno Fourball Qualifier.
On Tuesdays, after having played just 2 stroke and 5 par events in 2016, it has been decided to have only stableford events scheduled in 2017. This is in line with our continued efforts to increase patronage of mid-week events; more on this below.
An additional event has been added to the calendar to encourage and reward mid-week participation, the “Tuesday Accumulator” will award points to player positions down to 40th on all Tuesday events (or Wednesday where relevant). [10 points for 1st, 9 for 2nd, etc down to 1 point for 31st to 40th, with no count-backs – everyone on the same score receives the same points.] There will be a prize for the top two scorers each month and end of year prizes for those who have accumulated the most points over the 12 months.

There will be one blue tee event on Tuesday’s each month and one blue tee on the 4th Thursday of each month in the 18 hole Tura Challenge event. This Tura Challenge, introduced during 2016, also provides the opportunity for any members and visitors that are interested in playing more stroke to get their regular ‘fix’. The friendly 9 hole stableford (white tees only) will of course continue Thursday mornings for those who are after a less stressful round of golf or are just taking up the game, and the Friday Chookless Run for those looking for a wind down from the week or a warm up for the weekend.

Thank you to all the sponsors that have backed up again this year and to all the volunteers that assist our hard-working staff to provide us with our excellent facilities.

Men’s Golf Committee

January 2017
Rule Change: Anchoring of Putter

The new Rule of Golf on anchoring will come into effect for all golfers in club golf, social golf, and AnchorGraphicprofessional golf on 1 January 2016.  The new Rule’s reference number in the 2016 Rules of Golf book will be 14-1b.

The R&A has produced some resources to assist clubs with the implementation of this new Rule.  This resource is also available from the following page of the Golf Australia website –