Presentation Day 2018

Presentation Day started off with a game of bowls before the formalities started in the arfternoon.
Mens Singles : Terry Och.   Mens Pairs: Neile Clough and Ross Davies. MensTriples: Bill Gilligan, Kel Duncombe and Kevin Davidson.  Mens Fours: Ross Orsborne, Eric Madden, Terry Och and Geoff May. Mens Consistancy ( 150 up) Robert ” stumpy ” Wallis. Mens Veteran Singles: Michael Reynolds. Mens Veteren Pairs: Kel Duncombe and Jack Findlay.
Mixed Pairs: Kel and Jan Duncombe. Ladies Singles: Pam Reynolds. Ladies Pairs: Helen Elliott and Lola Wallis. Ladies Triples: Rae Stove, Joan Lovett and Iris Ballard. Ladies Fours: Barb Collins, Loris Sinclair, Lola Wallis and Wilma Rusling. Ladies Consistancy: Kay Scrivener.