Membership Report

Membership Mid Year Report

Membership numbers are measured as at the 30th June each year with renewals commencing on the first of July.  For our club we can only compare membership numbers since de-amalgamation from MIBC because previous to that both our social and bowls members were part of their overall membership figures.

As the table below shows we have enjoyed an increase in both golf and bowls memberships over the past year and that is a good result compared with so many other clubs that are losing members.

Social membership was down slightly, mostly as a result of the quieter Christmas / New Year holiday period experienced this year in our region. Overall though, the numbers are very pleasing.

TBCC Membership as at 30th June

2012/13 2,930 2,232 436 253 9
2013/14 3,275 2,616 428 221 10
2014/15 3,274 2,548 482 232 12

(NB: Indoor and Outdoor Bowls Memberships are combined)

Members received a survey with their renewal notices this year and our thanks to the many who took the trouble to provide us with their views. The outcomes were very positive.

The activities most members said they participate in on a regular basis are –

  • Dining (83%)
  • Friday Nights (50%)
  • Live Music (40%)
  • Golf (38%)
  • Schnitzel Nights (36%)

Interestingly, the fact that only 38% of respondents participated in golf means 62% of respondents were non-golfing members.

When asked about what members would participate in if offered by the club, the three that received most support were –

  • Fine Dining Nights (49%)
  • Wine tastings / wine club (35%)
  • Big Screen Sports (24%)

All will be trialled during the remainder of the year.

When asked about what members like about their club, the results were similar to last year

  • Friendly atmosphere / staff (44%)
  • Location (23%)
  • Food and dining (16%)

Members and staff are to be congratulated for providing such a friendly and positive atmosphere within the club that is clearly enjoyed by members and visitors alike.

When asked about what members don’t like about the club, one issued raised by a number of members was the “heart attack hill” car park (12%).  Unfortunately there is not much we can do about that. Only two other “don’t likes” were raised and both with only 2% expressing concern. They were dress standards in the club and the air conditioning in parts of the club. Both are being addressed.

Also we are working through a range of new ideas to help increase membership both in numbers and engagement within the club.

Wayne Hicks

Membership Director