Women’s Club Singles 2019

Pam Reynold has become the Tura Beach Women’s Club Singles Champion for 2019
ROUND 1. Helen Elliott def Jan Joslin. Di Smith def Lola Wallis.  BYES-Pam Reynolds, Christine McGarrity, Wilma Rusling, Joan Lovett, Carole Hooper and Jan Duncombe. ROUND 2. Helen Elliott def Di Smith. Pam Reynolds def Christine McGarrity. Joan Lovett def Wilma Rusling. Jan Duncombe def Carole Hooper  SEMI-FINAL Pam Reynolds def Helen Elliott. Jan Duncombe def Joan Lovett. FINAL. In the final match Jan took an early lead against Pam. The ends were extremely close with the shot bowl changing several times on an end.. Pam drew level with Jan mid match and then took the lead and held onto it to close out the match.   Final result Pam Reynolds def Jan Duncombe. Congratulations Pam on becoming the Singles Champion for 2019.